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New commission – bespoke shelving

I am working on a new design for a book shelf.

The client’s brief is for the shelf to be made from wood, Oxidised mid steel, or a combination of both.

Her space is not massive, so she dose not what the book shelf to be too big, she what’s something that will make a statement as well as hoisting her books.

Her book collection is not huge but she really would like to have something which can show off her books.

I am meeting with the client tomorrow (10.12.12) armed with 3 of my 3D designs.

2 of the designs have a combination of Wood and Mid Steel and the 3rd design is just wood.

The meeting went really well, the client liked all the designs but she had to settle on one, so she went for the 3rd design and loved it so much that she went for 2 units. A 2 tier and a 3 tier Cascade French Pine book shelf. (I haven’t thought of a name for the design yet).

bespoke shelves drawing

bespoke shelves drawing

I am soo chuffed with this project and ones like this. I love the idea of designing something tailored made to a individuals taste, living space and specifications great fun and of course a little pat on the back for me, with my input.